An open letter to Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump,

I have been quite entertained with your #Trump2016 campaign over the past year, and to be honest I never really took you that seriously as a presidential candidate in the first place. However, last night in regards to your Muslim immigration prevention statement you absolutely crossed the line.

To make this letter short and sweet, I will not engage in explaining to you why your remarks and behavior are unacceptable because ‘it is impossible to defeat an ignorant man by argument.’ – William McAdoo

However, a couple of years ago you announced the development of the Trump Tower in Vancouver, Canada. My self and many others have been eagerly waiting for this tower, because Vancouver really could use a new hot spot.

What you may not know is Vancouver, Canada is a uniquely beautiful place, not only because of our stunning landscape but because of the people of Vancouver. We are a city that is diverse and we embrace all people of all backgrounds, regardless of religion or culture. We have fought hard over the years to maintain unity and the sanctity of our community relationships, and to bridge gaps between communities. The immigrants of this country have worked hard to build this city and country up. In fact, recently in our elections we spoke loud and clear when we voted in our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – that we will not tolerate any sort of discrimination, whether it is gender, religious, racial, or class. In the words of our new Prime Minister #BecauseIts2015

So to put this very simple and straightforward – I refuse to line the pockets of a bigot.

I am hoping and calling to all Vancouverites to formally boycott your tower affiliation and your organization. Whether, the Trump tower be in name only, it will stand as one of the tallest towers in Vancouver. Sadly, your voice is being projected around the world, not because of your intelligence or your charisma but because of your money. Thus, the only way to end your antics and to save the world and in particular Vancouver B.C., from your misogynistic, bigoted and racist remarks is – to stop filling your pockets and affiliating your name with Vancouver projects.


A disturbed Vancouverite

Twitter @mangat_sunny


8 thoughts on “An open letter to Donald Trump

  1. I agree with your post however the Muslim people aren’t the only ones taking offence to his antics ,messages of hate and outrageous conduct since the campaign began. Lets not forget his unproven statistics and derogatory remarks made about African American youth during the black lives matter movement along with the appalling references towards my people, the Hispanic community. We too, face discrimination at a high level so i can highly relate as to where you are coming from so instead of just making this about offending one particular community , in my opinion, you should have included his previous racial remarks as to why the city and yourself are taking a stand to boycott his project in the name of unity and multiculturalism since i also believe Canada is composed of many wonderful cultures and religions that interlace with each other positively. A government foundation stands only as tall as his people, Together, we can show this bigot we will not be intimidated or fueled by his ignorance.

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    1. Hi Dee,
      Thank-you for your email, and you are right I should have included the voices of all the groups who he has systematically been targeting, such as the Hispanic and African American population. I want to clarify though, I am not Muslim, nor do I follow the faith of Islam, I have been appalled by his behavior over the last year, and I think it was his plan of action and implementation of registering Muslims, barring movement both within and out the country that really triggered my response, which is perhaps why I ended focusing on just the Muslim immigration plan he discussed.

      But thank you for your feedback and I appreciate the response, I think its brilliant when we as global citizens and Canadians can collectively defeat fear by working together.


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